Where they grew up determine levels of testosterone in men

According to a new research the man’s testosterone levels can largely be determined by their childhood environment. Men who grew up in challenging conditions or in a place where there are several infections and diseases will have lower levels of testosterone when compared to the ones who have grown in healthy environments. The study which was published in the nature ecology and evolution challenges the theory saying that the levels of testosterone will be controlled by race and genetics. The high levels of testosterone lead to increased risk of cancer or prostate enlargement. So, the research suggests that when an individual is going for screening for any such risk profiles it’s always better to consider the person’s childhood environment as well. 

Based on a study which was conducted on Bangladeshi men, it was noticed that those who grew and lived in the UK even after they are adults had higher levels of testosterone than those who grew and lived in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis who lived in Britain were taller and had reached their puberty at a very young age than those who actually lived in Bangladesh during their childhood and had settled there. 

When a person has high levels of testosterone, they have greater muscle mass and are at a higher risk of developing prostate disease. When men have low levels of testosterone, they will lose libido, low energy levels and erectile dysfunction as well. At early life of late childhood, the reproductive functions keep changing until they reach 19 and the male testosterone levels might not get influenced with the surroundings once they grew up in to their adulthood. 

Scientist Gillian Bentley and his colleagues have also found that the hormone levels in girls also get affected by the environment in which they grow. It can also affect their fertility and risk of developing reproductive cancer when they become adults.

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