Low carb diet gives relief from osteoarthritis pain

According to random study a low carb diet can be a great pain relief for those who have osteoarthritis related to knees. It generally affects people who are around the age of 60, and about 10% of men and 13% of women. It has also been estimated that it will affect 40% of those who are above 70 years old. Usually those who suffer from osteoarthritis have various symptoms like joint swelling, severe pain and stiffness around the area. Currently there is no cure available for knee osteoarthritis. Only pain relievers will be prescribed by the doctors or if severe can go for knee replacement surgery. But these treatments can also cause various side effects. This is the reason why researchers are now trying to look for various dietary interventions which can relieve the signs and symptoms of knee osteoarthritis to an extent. 

A research was conducted where 21 adults who were aged around 65-75 with knee osteoarthritis were tested for low fat and low carb diet benefits. Participants were either asked to follow their regular diet or either of these two for about 12 weeks. They were later tested for serum blood levels and were also asked to provide self report about their pain, levels of depression and quality of life which they have experienced after following the diet. The researchers have found that those who have followed low carb diet had less levels of pain. When these results were compared to those who have followed the low fat and regular diet people with low carb diet got highly benefited. They also had shown very less stress levels and had low levels of adipokine leptin which is a hormone that is necessary for metabolic functions. 

With this it was proven that patients can actually reduce pain with small changes in their diet. There are n numbers of medicines available in the market which might reduce the pain temporarily but also cause serious side effects. With the low carb diet, it can also be possible to reduce the risks of diabetes, various heart diseases and helps in weight loss which cannot be provided by most of the drugs available at stores. Proper diet won’t just helps to cure pain but will also aid in improving your health in a better way. Without interfering with the daily activities, it can now be possible to reduce the pain.